Anti-Aging and Neural Therapy

Humans age and get sick for a variety of reasons including exposure to the sun, stress, poor diet, hormonal situations, and/or genetics which end up producing excessive cell wear. Intoxication is born from these modifications in the chemical makeup of our bodies, causing cell damage. We employ a therapy that emphasizes the use of natural substances such as vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, dietary fiber and intestinal short-chain fatty acid, for the prevention and treatment of diseases.


Orthomolecular medicine acts to stimulate personal potential of each individual so he or she may live a quality life to the fullest. It’s like a high-performance training with the sport being life itself. <

The method progressively, respectfully and naturally operates for the patient, in four areas:

  • Physical activity (movement as a regulator of “brain and body chemistry”).
  • Nutrition (through a reordering of food: remember that according to the Greeks “the first pharmacy is the kitchen”).
  • Techniques to manage stress.
  • Orthomolecular Medicines, which are tonics, true and powerful cellular nutrients based on peptides, enzymes and trace elements able to recover and regenerate the body, functions completely


The World Health Organization’s recognized the process as a valid medical system to prevent and cure diseases, in addition to increasing the well-being and quality of life in healthy people or patients with: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, neurological, psychosomatic, musculoskeletal, renal, aesthetic disorders, etc.

This type of medicine has no contraindication because they contain no synthetic elements, hormones, or produce side effects in doses known and used. It can be done on adults and children as it is undoubtedly a safe and reliable medical system.

Orthomolecular medicine has many benefits, including deep cleansing the body, increasing overall vitality, flexibility and cleaning of arteries, increased immune system (defenses), and brain stimulation attention, concentration and memory) contributing to disease prevention and adjuvant treatments of established diseases.